Winter Roofing Tips

Winter Roofing Tips

You don’t have to live near the Arctic Circle for winter to do a number on your roof. Even in relatively mild, temperate climates like Plano, the winter months can cause a lot of wear and tear to your roof.

Wind, rain, ice, snow, and hail are all abrasive elements that can turn any minor existing problems into serious ones. Before the cold season strikes in full force, make sure you have a Plano roofing contractor check the areas that may need maintenance or roof repair.

• Damaged Shingles

Damaged shingles are a major vulnerability, especially in winter, and should be high on the roof repair checklistThe ice forming during the cold of winter can expand the holes in blistering, buckling, peeling, or cracking shingles, and will often lead to a call to the roofing company when a leak appears in springSome problems with shingles are simply due to old age, others are degraded prematurely by a roof that is not properly ventilated.

• Keep Your Gutters Clear

Make sure that dirt, leaves, and other debris have been cleared out of your gutters before winter hits. Clogged or damaged gutters will inhibit water from draining normally, which can contribute to ice buildup and further damage.

• Check the Flashing

Flashing that is loose or improperly sealed can quickly become a source of serious water damage. Have your roofing contractor inspect and make sure that the flashing on your roof is secure, especially in areas around drains, skylights and chimneys, before harsh winter storms test it for you.

Make sure your roof is ready to withstand the winter, 


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