Plano TX Roof Storm Damage

For 17 years, Dane Roofing has helped homeowners assess and repair roof storm damage in Plano, Texas and the surrounding communities.

For those who have lived through imposing storms, the potential for loss is a valid concern. The calm after can create temporary relief, but the next morning can bring very real concerns about repairs.

Spotting Roof Damage after a Storm

To an untrained eye, a damaged roof may appear to be better off than it actually is. This is a common problem and can lead to more expensive repairs down the road. That’s why it’s important to have your roof inspected by professionals.

Plan Ahead: Inspect Your Roof before Storm Season

Different types of roof damage may blend in with previously occurring problems. It’s wise to periodically have roof experts make an assessment to rule out unrelated issues so you can properly spot storm damage.

The areas an inspection should focus on are:

  • Flashing
  • Gutters
  • Shingles
  • Plumbing vent boots
  • Roof vents
  • Vent cap

After an inspection, the roof expert may point out holes made from satellite dishes or exposed roofing nails.

How Do I Know if My Roof Has Storm Damage?

The best and safest way to diagnose damage which may need to be addressed with insurance is by hiring a contractor. Set up an appointment as soon as a major storm has passed.

They’ll make note of any:

  • Debris
  • Broken or missing shingles
  • Cracked roof vents
  • Loose flashing
  • Vent cap dented or cracked
  • Other problem areas

For homeowners who take regular stock of their roofs’ condition, this professional assessment will allow them to compare the list with old issues.

What Is Considered Wind Damage to a Roof?

High winds can wreck even the most durable roofing systems. Areas to inspect are the ridge line, corners, and edges of the roof which are more susceptible. Checking the condition of exhaust pipes, fascia, valleys, and shingles is also worthwhile.

With powerful enough winds, large branches or even entire trees can be felled. These will be obvious causes of damage, but smaller branches can still present issues as well. Homeowners can use a ladder to inspect for these types of roof obstructions or hire somebody to do it.

How to Check Wind Damage to Roof Shingles

Shingles are the first line of defense against the elements and receive the brunt of a storm’s damage.

Shingles that experience wind damage can be:

  • Ripped
  • Lifted
  • Missing
  • Cracked

When the wind finds an opening, it can curl or rip them off. Lifting causes roof nails to loosen and rise upwards, which can break the sealant between layers. This is caused by the suction effect high winds create when passing over a roof. Falling branches or trees can also crack or destroy shingles.

When the Roof Blows Off

When a severe weather patter rolls through a city, its power can cause major problems.

Required Conditions for a Roof to Blow Off

As mentioned before, strong winds create a suction effect which lifts shingles from attaching nails. There are certain extreme weather events which can take it one step further, with the entire roof being lifted off from radical shifts in air pressure.

Besides being a scary event, this can also cause severe damage to cars, landscaping, and even other homes. The biggest culprits here in Texas are tornados and bad thunderstorms.

Steps to Take to Prevent a Blown Off Roof

Prevention of roofing disasters starts by:

  • Not opening windows before a storm
  • Adding roof clips
  • Proper roof sealing
  • Maintaining the roof
  • Installing windproof sheathing
  • Roping down the roof
  • Double checking the roof is up to code

Steps to Take after a Roof is Blown Off

Evacuation of the residence should come before any attempt to cover or protect furnishings. Until the storm passes, there are ongoing dangers to remaining exposed. A general weakening of the entire building is a real possibility.

Immediate emergency roof repair should occur next, in addition to a call to insurance. Many policies cover this type of roof replacement once a deductible is met.

Remember, possessions can be replaced but people cannot. Ensuring the safety of the family trumps every other decision in this situation.

Roof Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Once a person recognizes damage which requires repair or replacement, where do they go from there?

What Should You Do If a Roof Is Damaged?

Because a damaged roof can cause more problems down the road when left unaddressed, action by the homeowner is advised. A contractor or roofing expert can repair any damage and prevent further deterioration.

It is also important for a homeowner to contact insurance to cover these repairs.

How Do I Claim Storm Damage to My Roof?

Texas sees a large number of hail and wind claims being filed each year. Before signing a homeowner’s policy, taking time to learn included limitations can prove highly beneficial.

“Cosmetic roof exclusions” are a part of some policies, which allows the insurance provider to withhold payment on damage they deem “cosmetic.” An example would be trying to repair roofing with dents. They may come back saying because it doesn’t limit the functionality of the roof, the homeowner will have to pay for it.

Appraisal limits may also be used during the claims process, which excludes damage found after the first inspection. The end result is a nullification of the appraisal clause in the policy. This may release the insurance provider from responsibility with a claim that the damage is more from age than weather elements.

After a homeowner carefully considers these situations and determines a claim is warranted, they should take the following steps.

To file a claim:

  • Contact the insurance company to find out what’s covered
  • Provide “before” and “after” pictures if available
  • Schedule a review by a claim’s examiner
  • Seek a qualified roofer

Dane Roofing Storm Damage Experts

Plano, Texas is familiar with the damaging effects of storms. Roofing experts are a regular part of many communities but choosing the right one isn’t as easy as finding one.

What factors truly matter and separate the best from “the rest?”

A roofing company should exhibit:

  • Excellent quality
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Integrity

One which meets all three of these factors is Dane Roofing. Active in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for 17 years, Kelly Dane still sees a personal conversation as the best way to relay trust to a customer.

Their staff will come out to determine with accuracy whether the storm damaged roof could benefit more from repair or replacement. They will help answer the question, “Is it worth it to fix storm damage?”

For a FREE roof inspection call 469-585-3263.