Dallas Roof Repair

Dallas Roof Repair

Have you been debating just how to approach your roofing problem? We are here to help!

First Step:  Get a Thorough Inspection
Check to see if the various layers of your roof are damaged. Judge the bonding of the layers to the underlying structure. Verify if the seams are cracked, splitting or separating. Look for loose nails or screws, soft spots, blisters, and other signs of instability or weak areas.

Gutters, Flashing and Crickets
Inspect the flashings for secure fit, and the chimney crickets, drains, leaders, gutters, mansards or skylights for soundness.

After examination, we report any areas that need improvement or attention. This will allow you the homeowner to identify maintenance areas and needed repairs. We provide a comprehensive report that our roofing repair contractors use to initiate effective, cost competitive work.

Check For Leaks
The next big step in roof repair is locating leaks. Open joints and blisters in the asphalt are very clear indicators of a roofing problem. However, our roofing experts play “detective” to find the not-so obvious problems. Sometimes cracks and breaks are apparent, but addressing just the obvious may NOT fix all of the problem.

  • Finding the source of a leak takes much more experience than you may have thought. Water seepage can actually originate far from the affected area. Leaks seem to often show up in springtime however the problem usually starts with winter’s ice on the roof. Ice expands little cracks and blisters over the course of the winter season.
  • Once we identify the trouble spots, it’s time to prepare your roof for repair. This usually means coating the affected area to seal breaks and cracks. This is very important because failure to do this can lead to future problems. The entire job depends on having a clean, dry surface. Our roof repair experts will also recommend replacing all worn out flashings, broken drains, or any other potential sources of trouble.
  • Seal it up. When all the inspections, leak detection, prepping and patching are completed, apply a coating and complete the repair process. This process is the final touch. Roofers use sprayers, brushes, squeegees or rollers to seal the roof depending on the size of the surface area. Our Dallas roof repair technicians will choose the appropriate technique for the job at hand.

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